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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sweetener Do You Use?

Isomalt is a sugar substitute created from real sugar that has been made from beets. It is an ingredient that is not familiar to most people unless they are cake decorators or in food manufacturing.

Isomalt has an extremely low caloric value. It contains only two calories per gram. Isomalt barely influences blood glucose or insulin after consuming it. It's a very low glycemic food additive.

It also may have a probiotic effect and has been shown to stimulate good bacteria growth in the gut.

You are not tricking me! I heard about those sugar free gummy bears! Will this do the same?

Sugar Free Gummys and other soft candies use a different type of ingredient. This is not the same. A normal healthy person can handle 50+ grams of Isomalt with out noticing anything different.

Now if you sit and eat 6 or more tubs at once. You may have a chance of a laxative effect.

Why is the price so high?

The main reason no one else has created this before is due to the cost to make. You need special equipment and the ingredients are not cheap to get ahold of. We are always trying to cut our cost and will share those savings as they come.

How long does it take to ship?

We are currently taking 1-3 business days to ship. Each cotton candy is made by hand at the time of ordering.

It is SUPER hot and humid here! Will this effect my order?

Humidity will deflate cotton candy VERY fast. If you live in a warm and humid area, please enjoy your cotton candy as soon as you open it. Chances are, it will not be there in 24 - 48 after opening. Sealed tubs should be ok.

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